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Departments and Centers


Anthropology Department

Department Chair: Mike Searcy
Department Manager: Kristy Christensen
(801) 422-3058
800 KMBL
Majors: Anthropology, with emphases in Archaeology and Sociocultural Anthropology
Graduate Programs: Anthropology (MA), with emphases in Archaeology and Sociocultural Anthropology

Economics Department

Department Chair: Lars Lefgren
Department Manager: Josie Fillmore
(801) 422-2859
2146 West View Building
Majors: Economics, with tracks in Domestic Skills/Insights; Data Analysis; Global Issues; Political/Pre-Law; Pre-Econ PhD; Pre-MBA; Public Good/Social Innovation; and Urban Development

Geography Department

Department Chair: Daniel Olsen
Department Manager: Amy Richins
(801) 422-3851
690 KMBL
Majors: Geography with emphases in Environmental Studies; Geospatial Intelligence; Geospatial Science and Technology; Global Studies; Tourism Studies; and Urban and Regional Studies
Minors: Geography Teaching; Geospatial Science and Technology; Global studies; Tourism Studies; Urban and Regional Planning

History Department

Department Chair: Brian Cannon
Department Manager: Jen Nelson
(801) 422-4335
2130 JFSB
Majors: History, Family History - Genealogy; History Teaching; Social Science Teaching
Minors: History; Family History - Genealogy; History Teaching; Native American Studies

Political Science Department

Department Chair: Jay Goodliffe
Department Manager: Krista Mortensen
(801) 422-3423
745 KMBL
Majors: Political Science with emphases in Political Strategy; Legal Studies; Research and Data Analysis; International Strategy and Diplomacy; and Global Development
Minors: Political Science

Psychology Department

Department Chair: Wendy Birmingham
Department Manager: Jalene McDonald
(801) 422-4287
1001 KMBL
Majors: Psychology
Minors: Psychology
Graduate Programs: Psychology (PhD); Clinical Psychology (PhD)

School of Family Life

Department Chair: Erin Holmes
Department Manager: Jan Christensen
(801) 422-2069
2086 JFSB
Majors: Family Life, with emphases in Human Development; Family Studies; and Family and Consumer Sciences Education
Minors: Family Life; Gerontology
Graduate Programs: Marriage and Family Therapy (PhD); Marriage, Family, and Human Development (MS, PhD)

School of Social Work

Department Chair: Stacey Shaw
Department Manager: Charlene Clark
(801) 422-3282
2190 JFSB
Graduate Programs: Social Work (MSW)

Sociology Department

Department Chair: Curtis Child
Department Manager: Margaret McCabe
(801) 422-3392
2008 JFSB
Majors: Sociology
Minors: Sociology
Graduate Programs: Sociology (MS)