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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Visit the Liberal Arts Advisement Center to make an appointment to learn more about academics, careers, experiential learning, graduation requirements, scholarships and more. You can also call the Advisement Center at (801) 422-3541. It might be helpful to check out the website for your department. All department websites are linked to on this page.
  • Visit the Internships page for a list of internships offered through the college.
  • To find out more about scholarships, visit the Liberal Arts Advisement Center.
    To learn more about internship and conference travel grants, visit the Internship and Travel Grants site.
  • You can find details on how to qualify for the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences Dean's List and the list for the past few academic years on the Student Resources page. If you have further questions about the Dean's List, contact us at
  • See if your question is answered on our Help page.
    If not, feel free to contact us at