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"Love, Empathy, and Equity" with Leslie Hadfield

Thursday, March 30
11:00 AM
250 KMBL
2023 Hickman Diversity & Inclusion Lecture

"Love, Empathy, and Equity"

Leslie Hadfield is the recipient of the Martin Hickman Diversity & Inclusion Award in recognition of her teaching and research that helps students become more informed citizens and more thoughtful leaders in the global community. Hadfield is an associate professor of history and has been teaching African history at BYU since 2010. She is the coordinator for the Africana Studies Program at the Kennedy Center and leads the African American Civil Rights Seminar.

Hadfield primarily studies South African contemporary social and political history and her research interests include South African liberation movements and the experience of black nurses in the Eastern Cape. Oral history is also an important part of her work and she has conducted extensive interviews in South Africa in both English and the Xhosa language, which she speaks along with Swahili. These interviews formed the basis for her first book, Liberation and Development: Black Consciousness Community Programs in South Africa (MSU Press, 2016) and a large part of her current research on black nurses.

Hadfield has been involved in the African refugee community in Salt Lake City. She earned her PhD in African history at Michigan State University.

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