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Ronald Mincy speaks at Marjorie Pay Hinckley Lecture

Thursday, February 09
7:30 PM
Hinckley Center Assembly Hall

“Money & More: How Fathers Help Their Children Develop”
Ronald Mincy, Columbia University, rethinks current policies that spend billions of dollars collecting child support payments from non-residential fathers. He proposes strategies to enable fathers to know how to provide love and care that promotes social and emotional development, in addition to monetary support for physical needs. His ideas are fundamentally redemptive as they also invite fathers back into the community.

About the Speaker
Ronald B. Mincy is the Maurice V. Russell Professor of Social Policy and Social Work Practice, and director of the Center for Research on Fathers, Children, and Family Well-Being at Columbia University. He is a co-principal investigator of the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study, and a faculty member of the Columbia Population Research Center.

Prior to joining the faculty at Columbia in 2001, Mincy served as a senior program officer at the Ford Foundation and worked on issues including improving U.S. social welfare policies for low-income fathers, especially child support and workforce development. He also served on the Clinton Administration’s Welfare Reform Task Force.

Mincy is the author of numerous journal articles and book chapters, and is the editor of Black Males Left Behind (The Urban Institute Press, 2006). In 2009, he received the Raymond Vernon Memorial Prize for Best Research Article in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. Mincy is an advisory board member for the National Poverty Center at the University of Michigan, the Technical Work Group for the Office of Policy Research and Evaluation, the Transition to Fatherhood project at Cornell University, the National Fatherhood Leaders Group, the Longitudinal Evaluation of the Harlem Children’s Zone, and The Economic Mobility Project of the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Mincy is a former member of the National Institute of Child and Human Development council, the Policy Council, and the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management. He served as co-chair of the Grantmakers Income Security Taskforce and as a board member of the Grantmakers for Children, Youth, and Families. Dr. Mincy holds an AB from Harvard College and a PhD from MIT. He and his wife Flona Mincy have been married nearly 50 years and have two sons.

About the lecture
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